Presentation + Workshop
2 hours

Why is Saraswati in white attire? Why does Durga have 10 hands? Why is owl the vehicle of Lakshmi? What do the gods and goddesses mean and why are they so many in number? Can the deities be useful in our daily lives or are they just part of our rituals?


In a step by step manner, as we pick up the visual language through the understanding of colours, symbols, metaphors and personifications, we will gradually get closer to the secret messages the deities hold for us. Read more here

Presentation + Workshop
2 hours

In a time when gender-bias and gender identifications are words of great importance, what does the ancient concepts tell us regarding that matter?  What is Shiv and what is Shakti? What is "Purush" and what is "Prakriti"? What do the masculine and feminine counterparts contribute to in the macrocosmic and microcosmic nature of us?

We will look at Purush and Prakriti in multiple planes and see how each plane affects the other. What role does it play in the inner being, in the mind and emotions? Why are man and woman the metaphor for Shiv and Shakti? What roles do they play in our lives? How can we interact with the Purush and Prakriti in the cosmic self and evoke them in our day-to-day life?

Presentation + Workshop
2 hours

With the popularity of yoga, “chakra” has once again become a word that is heard sometimes. What can we learn about ourselves through the understanding of chakras? How can the problems in our lives be better tackled if we learn to balance these energy centres?

We will create our personality colour-charts after we learn to evaluate our chakras. We will thus be aware of our negative and positive sides and be able to see many unknown links behind our traits that affect one another. We will explore colours in a new way touching upon a part of this ancient practice of chakra yoga. Read more here

2 hours

In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God. John 1:1. This explains the significance of “Nada Brahma” or the world of vibrations. In this workshop, we will first establish the intuitive co-relation of music and colours, connecting our sense of hearing with our visual sensation.

We will then move on to a more meditative state by chanting the mantras and exploring their effect on us. As we keep exploring the various aspects of a mantra, the feelings that arise within us will be expressed in colours. We will experience how each mantra is a path leading to a world and is the world itself. Read more here

1 hour
Speaker at Pune Design Festival, 2016

Different cultures over the period of time have developed different ways of "problem-solving". If you look at it that way then design and culture seem to follow similar routes. However, with course of time only a specific way is acknowledged as the universal way and many approaches have become sidelined. The "global approach" as we may feel is about the "whole", ironically creates a uni-dimensional picture.

What is it then that the culture has to contribute to design? What is it we have missed out on? Is culture only about orthodox practices holding us back from evolving further? Or can we rather add so much to "design" if we only understood its contribution. Read more here

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