Aparajita Barai during her exhibition in Kala Kendra
The Interesting Insights Into the Mind Of An Artiste – Aparajita Barai

It is the endeavour of The Uncommon Box to bring to the forefront some of the most talented minds around us. We also like to delve into the mind of the artist to know exactly what helps create that uncommon artistic perspective that intrigues us.


In this quest, we met up with Aparajita Barai, a graphic designer and artist, who is doing some very unusual work in her sphere...

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"Union" by Aparajita Barai
This Auroville Woman Beautifully Decodes The Meaning Behind Indian Myths Through Art

India is an amalgamation of diverse beliefs, rituals and practices. While many of us unquestioningly follow our traditions, just as our parents and grandparents did, do we really know the significance or the underlying meaning behind the time-honoured practices?

Aparajita Barai, an artist and a graphic designer who graduated from National Institute of Design, has been on a journey to understand Indian myths and spiritualism and launch new discourses on their meaning through contemporary art...

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Decoding Indian Customs Through Art One Artwork At A Time: Aparajita Barai

Aparajita like Plato one day decided to stop following blindly and start understanding. She wanted to delve deeper into the reasons; the hows and whys of what we generally just follow. Hence, began the quest of unravelling the mysteries and stories that ultimately form the bigger picture, Religion or Faith. As she went on exploring, peeling the mystery away layer by layer she realised she has unearthed a hidden treasure.  To bring this treasure out to the world led to the birth of ‘BELOVED INDIA’ her venture.

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"Union" by Aparajita Barai
Re-Imagining Mythology for Millennials

She lives in Auroville, the suburban mecca of conscious living and the spiritually awakened. Her art is reflective of her state of mind, intricate, folksy details that are very Indian in nature, peppered with spiritual references that often invoke Hindu mythology. In fact, Aparajita Barai states that her mission is to re-stir Indian spiritual philosophy and present it with her personal quest. She aims to dig out ancient meanings and possibilities that have gotten lost in the face of ceremonial practices.

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"Union" by Aparajita Barai
Patient Enchantress Of The Recurring Motifs

Auroville-based artist Aparajita Barai’s mission is to go back to the roots and the core of Indian culture. Her journey often takes her to India’s spiritual past, and through her project, Beloved India, she aims to connect design and culture and build a bridge between “the ancient” and “modern” to help in its evolution.

A graduate from the National Institute of Design (Ahmedabad), Barai talks to Leena Ghosh about her vision, motifs and about how the words of Rabindranath Tagore have been a constant guide on her path to artistic exploration and self realisation.

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"Union" by Aparajita Barai
WhatsApp Image 2019-01-08 at 6.57.38 PM(
Solo Painting Exhibition at The Promenade Hotel, Pondicherry

The Promenade Hotel, Pondicherry on 8th January 2019 hosted the solo show of a prolific emerging talent from Auroville, Aparajita Barai.

Aparajita Barai unveiled her collection of intricate paintings that are at once ornamental, bold and graphic. One can easily lose themselves in the beautiful undulating lines of her art. Aparajita’s works are influenced from folk styles and reveal the intricacy of traditional Indian art forms. Her work in the symbolic language of Indian deities has gained her an increasing following. 

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